Roy and Bonita Thompson

Roy has spent most of his adult life in ministry traveling to various places around the world creating a safe place for people of all cultures and religions to discuss spiritual issues.

Now living in Bangkok, Thailand, his focus is on Southeast Asia. His ministry includes counseling missionaries, teaching in churches and small groups, mentoring individuals and meeting with business and political leaders with the hope of involving them in work with the poor of their country.

In all relationships he encourages programs that bring the gospel to those in disadvantaged communities. An example: In recent months, Roy met with the Secretary of State of an Asian country and had the privilege, along with co-workers, of introducing him to a group of young men that have come from extreme poverty to attend University. The Lord made it possible to not only have their schooling and residence paid for but, in His grace, all the group have become followers of Christ within the last year. The Secretary of State was interested in helping to establish further opportunities for poor students. This is an example of working with business and government people with the hope of creating opportunities for ministry with the poor and disadvantaged.

Bonita, after 35 years in education, is helping to establish a holistic ministry to marginalized women and children, especially those in the sex trade. Domestic violence, prostitution and trafficking are major problems for women who have little power within the culture. The Home of New Beginnings, offers a safe place where women can focus on recovery and their future through the teaching of life skills, computer, vocational training, completing high school education, counseling and Bible study. We have acquired a residence that can accommodate 14 women, and a training center where an outreach to more than 160 “women of the night” have come for English classes. We presently have four women in residence. The ministry seeks to introduce these girls to the only One who was beaten for them and the only One who can heal their wounds.

Because of the impact of the early death of their 29-year-old son, Jon, the Lord has given both Roy and Bonita multiple opportunities to share God’s grace in the grieving process to those who suffer significant losses.

They have a daughter, Kristina, a former teacher, who is now co-directing a violence prevention program in East Palo Alto that includes training for Middle School and Juvenile Hall students as well as an aftercare program for juveniles returning from the justice system.

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